Triangle Worm Group

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The next TWG meeting

Wednesday Nov 20, 2013

Bowling TWG at AMF Durham Lanes
4508 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd, Durham, NC 27707

2:00-3:20pm: short talks in the glassed-in meeting room
3:20-5:00pm: bowling

Six 10 min talks plus 3 min for questions

Brad Moore (Ryan Baugh Lab)
Genome-wide quantitative genetic analysis of growth and starvation survival

Dong Yan (Dong Yan Lab)
Wiring the brain: neural circuit formation in C. elegans

John Rooney (Joel Meyer Lab)
Later Life Consequences of Developmental Mitochondrial DNA Damage in C. elegans

Megan Brady (Shawn Ahmed Lab)
Promiscuous telomere recombination

Laura Kelley (David Sherwood Lab)
MMP–Independent Mechanisms of Basement Membrane Breaching In vivo

Yun Cai (Alejandro Aballay Lab)
Immune activators screen from Prestwick C. elegans Library

Other upcoming worm talks

Victor Ambros
“MicroRNA pathways in animal development”
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 4:00PM
103 Bryan Research Auditorium at Duke

Questions? Want to give a talk? Want to be added to the email reminder list? Please email the TWG organizers, Jess Sullivan-Brown: sullivjl at and Erin Osborne: erinosb at Do you study C. elegans in the Triangle but don't appear above? Please ask to be added to the main list if about half or more of your lab uses C. elegans or if the lab's PI goes to C. elegans meetings, or to the other users list otherwise.  Thanks!